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Recommendations from Clients and Associates

​"Vallee is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful resource, not only for her public relations expertise, but also for her professional advice, as she is a seasoned professional in her field. Her promptness and thoroughness have helped make my job and assignments for my employer easy and seamless. I look forward to a long, and productive partnership with Vallee in the future." -- Moment Palmer, SEO Content Marketing Coordinator at Red Ventures, Freelance Writer to Charlotte Observer

"I first met Vallee at the first job I had out of school and watched as she rose through the ranks at Borland. It was always a pleasure to work with her as her personality and work ethic inspires confidence. Through the launch of many industry leading products she was deeply involved in the execution of key communications and marketing initiatives that ensured product success. Few people make such a lasting positive impression that you want to keep in touch decades later. If you get a chance to work with Vallee you should jump at it!" -- Song Huang, VP Product Management, People Power

"Vallee has significant experience in both product and corporate PR. At Borland, she was Director of ​Corporate Communications and prior to that position, a PR manager for various product lines. She can handle both domestic and international business, corporate and product issues and opportunities." -- Del Yocam, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Borland, former President, COO & Board Director of Tektronix and a former Apple Computer executive. At Apple, Mr. Yocam ran several product groups and became Apple's first Chief Operating Officer (COO).

"Vallee is simply a great person to work with and always comes up with the right words to articulate your message."
-- John Aneralla, Investment Advisor and Small Business Consultant, Mayor of Huntersville, N.C.